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Family-Owned Self Storage

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide climate control?

Yes, we do. In fact, we’re the only facility in a 30-mile radius to provide this feature. Use our climate-controlled storage units to stash your more sensitive belongings, whether they’re photographs, antiques, or documents.


Do you use security cameras?

Yes. We have approximately 80 surveillance cameras onsite, which makes for a secure environment. Many of our customers are female and they feel safe visiting our property any time of day.


What other security features do you have?

Our facility is well lit and our wrought iron fencing is more than six feet tall. In areas where we don’t have fencing, we use spikes and barbwire.


What are your unit sizes?

Our units range from 5’x10’ to 10’x15’. We’re able to store anything from a few stacks of boxes to large sized furniture. Use our storage unit calculator to determine the right size for your needs!


How big are your vehicle parking spaces?

We provide options between 12’x25’ and 12’x40’. You can use these spaces to store your boat, car, RV, or anything else on wheels. We’re a short distance away from Blue Ridge Lake and other outdoor attractions, making us the ideal place to store your vehicle while not in use.


Is your property well maintained?

It sure is. We’re located in a residential area and we work hard to match the beautiful homes that surround us. We even pay attention to the small details, like trees and bushes. When you rent with us you’ll get the space you need without venturing out of town to an industrial building. You’ll feel like you’re renting with family!


Do you really have puppies on your property?

We really do! Even if you aren’t coming by to rent one of our units, you’re welcome to stop in and visit our pups. We’ve had locals and tourists alike drop in to say hello.